studio Services

We are offering professional quality Audio/Video production at the best possible rates. If you are new to music and want to record yourself, we can arrange some practice sessions before your final recording. Your audios can also be uploaded on all major streaming platforms like "Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Saavn, etc".

A song production will take around 4-8 weeks to complete (the complete charges will be paid at the time of booking).

Recording Studio

Book studio sessions for Voice Over/Vocals recordings with Hassan Shaikh.

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Mixing & mastering

Book Mixing-Mastering sessions of your tracks with Hassan Shaikh.

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Unplugged / short Reels

A soft melodious song in your vocals with some acoustic instruments unplugged feel.



A short cover song of your choice with an indoor video shoot.


Studio CoveR

A full studio version of the song of your choice in your vocals with complete music production.


Original Song

An original composition that you have written and now you want to make an awesome track out of it which you can share with the world.



A complete Original Sound Track from lyrics, composition to production for your project, webseries, or album.

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A short song or tune for your product or brand which can use in advertising and for other commercial uses.

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ADR - SOund desigining

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) improves audio quality or changes the originally scripted dialog, or add some sound fx after filming to make your shots realistic.

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equipment we USE

We are using industry standard equipment for professional audio quality:

Studio equipments

  • Audio Interface : SSL2+
  • Midi Keyboard : Novation Launchkey 61 mk2
  • Mic 1 : Rode NT1
  • Mic 2 : Scarlett CM25
  • Mic 3 : Behringer Xm1800s
  • Mic 4 : Bm800 Usb
  • Studio Monitors : Adam T5
  • 2nd Studio Monitors : Presonus E3.5
  • Headphones 1 : Ath-M40x
  • Headphones 2 : Sennheiser HD280 Pro
  • Headphone Amp : Behringer HA-400
  • Mic Preamp : Behringer Mic2200
  • Mic Stand : Samson BT4
  • Mic Stand 2 : Neewer Boom Arm
  • Mic Stand 3 : Samson Table Stand

Camera equipments

  • Camera : Canon M50
  • Lens 1 : Sigma 16mm 1.4
  • Lens 2 : Canon 15-45mm
  • Lens 3 : Canon 50mm with adapter
  • Mic 1 : Boya By-MM1
  • Mic 2 : Boya By-M1
  • Tripod 1 : Icon
  • Tripod 2: Joby 3k
  • Tripod 3 : Andoer Main
  • Camera bag : Alpine Bear 2 Soft Boxes


  • Processor : Ryzen 7 3700x
  • Motherboard : B550 Auros Pro AC
  • Graphics Card : RTX 2060super
  • RAM : Xpg D60 32gb ddr4 3600mhz
  • Nvme : 500gb Samsung 970evo+
  • SSD : 1tb Samsung 860qvo
  • Portable ssd : Samsung T5
  • HDD : 4TB WD
  • PSU : Thermaltake Rgb 700w
  • Case : Thermaltake h200 case
  • Mouse : Redragon M711 Cobra
  • Keyboard : Bloody Q135
  • Display : Dell U2415

"Composition to production is a creative journey, invest in your adventure and enjoy the ride."

( Hassan Shaikh )